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Arizona's Utility Law Firm

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Shapiro Law Firm represents investor-owned utilities, as well as landowners, developers and other stakeholders in diverse utility related matters, including proceedings before the Arizona Corporation Commission such as:

  • Rate Cases
  • Financing Applications and Accounting Orders
  • Applications for Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CC&N)
  • CC&N Extensions, Deletions, Transfers, Cancellations
  • Line-Siting
  • Tariffs
  • Utility Compliance
  • Asset Sales and Stock Sales
  • Main Extension Agreements
  • A.R.S. ยง40-252 Applications
  • Complaint
  • Billing Disputes
  • Rulemakings
  • Railway Crossing Safety

We also represent parties wishing to litigate Commission decisions and other utility disputes before the superior and appellate courts and other state agencies.

We will also assist clients with negotiating business transactions and drafting agreements related to simple and complex utility matters, including multi-party agreements and private-public transactions, and provide legal advice and representation on other general business and litigation matters stemming from the daily operations of utility clients and stakeholders. In addition, the firm will assist with formation and other matters related to county improvement districts providing water, sewer and other public utility services, and with municipalities.

Utilities Regulation and Utility Law